Who Are Thoseguys?


Who are Those Guys?

We are two guys who have been traveling the world together since 1983. We invite you to come along with us and experience the world as we do, live and in person. Our blog is updated as often as possible, usually daily, while we are traveling. You will see and hear all about our adventure almost as quickly as we do!

Dave writes the blog and updates the site. Bill is the other half of "Thoseguys". He puts up with whatever Dave dishes out and generally picks up the pieces he drops along the trail. He is usually appalled by the content of the blogs, but he should be used to it by now! Dave meticulously, or obsessively depending on your perception, plans and arranges all of our travel himself. We rarely use a travel agent unless we have no other option. All of our cruises were booked through a AAA travel agent and we would continue to book cruises that way.

Our travels have taken us to almost 500 cities all over the world. It would be easier to explain where we haven't been than where we have! In the beginning we mostly traveled via cruise ships. We have racked up almost 60 cruises; 10 with Holland America Line and 50 with Crystal Cruises. Although we enjoy luxury when we can get it, we are not snobs. We are just as happy at a Four Seasons as we are at a Hampton Inn. Our expectations are adjusted accordingly, of course.

The 50th Crystal Cruise was the culmination of a worldwide adventure with the luxury line. When we started cruising with them we were often confused for crew members because we were younger than almost all of the other passengers. Our cruises covered Europe, Asia, and South America. We took two full World Cruises with Crystal in 2002 and 2003. We still have friends among the crew from those early days with whom we are in touch to this day. These cruises provided wonderful memories we will never forget. They are also where our name came from as other passengers started to refer to us as "those guys". Everyone seems to know who we are, although we prefer to keep a low profile, for better or worse.

Our focus recently has shifted to independent travel, road trips around the USA, and a more unstructured schedule than cruises provide. While we may still take a cruise from time to time, they are no longer our primary interest.

Our blogs and vlogs reflect our personal experiences as they happen without regard for hotel or cruise line hype.  In spite of the impression you may get from reading our blow-by-blow account, we are not picky travelers and we do not complain to the staff (if we do we will tell you!).  We are very happy to give credit when it is due.  However, nothing is perfect and we are not afraid to tell our followers about things that could be improved or that are not up to the standards relative to the price.  If you prefer looking at the world through rose-colored glasses or only want to hear how wonderful everything is, then this site is probably not the place for you.  If you want an honest reflection of what really happened during our adventures, you have come to the right place! 

In addition to our daily experiences, we'll offer up a review of each hotel, restaurant, attraction and city we visit.  If there are things that are "must see" or "must skip", we'll tell you about those, too.  Sometimes we'll drag an entire city through the mud if we have to, but mostly we'll give you advice on what we've seen and our viewpoint on whether or not you might want to visit that place, too.

Whenever you have a question we invite you to post it in our No-nonsense Travel Forum. Questions posted there are answered as quickly as possible even when we are on the road. Comments may also be added to our YouTube videos, but it may take more time to get an answer there. We will keep you advised on other social media sources we may add where you can follow us.

So, with all that in mind, we hope you will appreciate our day to day experience as much as we do.

Thanks for joining us!